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NO.1 With regard to external assessments of an internal audit activity (IAA),which of the following is
the chief audit executive required to discuss with the board?
A. External reviewer conflicts of interest,and the timeline of the external assessment.
B. The simplest way for the external reviewer to join the IAA's organization,and the timeline of the
external assessment.
C. The need for an external assessment more frequently than once every five years,and the simplest
method for the external reviewer to join the IAA's organization.
D. External reviewer conflicts of interest,and the need for an external assessment more frequently
than once every five years.
Answer: D

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NO.2 An organization that outsources much of its internal audit work to an external service
provider is planning for an external quality assessment. Which of the following options would
accomplish this task and be in conformance with the Standards?
A. The same external service provider because of its competency and experience with the
B. A team from an independent entity that previously employed the chief audit executive of the
C. A team under the direction of the organization's chief audit executive with validation by a former
manager of the internal audit activity.
D. External industry associate that performed a similar review for a supplier of the organization.
Answer: D

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NO.3 Which of the following is not a role of the internal audit activity in facilitating risk identification
and evaluation?
A. Recommending accountability for risk management.
B. Providing assurance that risks are evaluated correctly.
C. Evaluating risk management processes.
D. Supporting managers to identify ways to mitigate risks.
Answer: A

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NO.4 Risk assessments can vary in format,but generallyinclude.
I.A description of identified risks.
II.Tests of audit controls.
III.A system of rating risks.
IV.Sample size identification.
A. I and IIonly
B. I and IIIonly
C. II,III,and IVonly
D. I,III,and IVonly
Answer: B

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